Agnieszka Leśniak-Banasiak

A. Leśniak-Banasiak, Como, 26,5 cm, 32 cm, 20 cm, 2007, Crystal Glassworks “Violetta” in Stronie Śląskie

Design is not only a search for the ideal form and proportion of an object, but also an attempt to capture the light in an appropriate way, investigate optical phenomena: reflection, distortion and multiplication of the image.

Designing “crystals” is the ability to give them a sensory and sensual “skin”. This “skin” of the vessel is not only an independent decoration, an aesthetic play of light and matter, but also a skilful combination of what is useful and what is aesthetic.

Design is mainly a response to the needs of users and commercial clients. Participation in the process of project implementation is also a record of emotions and aesthetic impressions that I give to the user.

Agnieszka Leśniak-Banasiak

A. Leśniak-Banasiak, Edo, 2006, collections: Krosno Glass S.A. ; photo S. Karalus
A. Leśniak-Banasiak, set Teo, 2006; vase Fala, 2006, h 32 cm; collections: Krosno Glass S.A.; photo S. Karalus
A. Leśniak-Banasiak, vases Thalia, 2006, h 41 cm, Ø 7,5 cm; h 31,8 cm, Ø 6,5 cm; h 41 cm, Ø 7,5 cm; vase 2006, h 30 cm; photo S. Karalus
A. Leśniak-Banasiak, candlesticks, 2006, h 28 cm, Ø 7 cm; h 16 cm, Ø 6 cm, 7 cm; vases Elite, 2006; collections: Krosno Glass S.A.;photo. S. Karalus
A. Leśniak-Banasiak, Milano/Solar, 2005, 1st prize in the competition “Piękne Szkło” (“Beautiful Glass”), organised by IWP and Krosno Glassworks Krosno S.A.
A. Leśniak-Banasiak, set Allegro, 2007, 23 cm, 30 cm, 24 cm; vases Adagio, 2007, 35 cm, 28 cm; Crystal Glassworks “Violetta” in Stronie Śląskie
A. Leśniak-Banasiak, Uomo, 2007; set Platinum, 2007, 15 cm, 18 cm, 23 cm; Crystal Glassworks “Violetta” in Stronie Śląskie
A. Leśniak-Banasiak, Ethnic set, 40 cm, 28 cm, 20 cm, Prodeco 2007 award, national competition Elle Decoration; set Piano Forte; Crystal Glassworks “Violetta” in Stronie Śląskie


Graduated from the Ceramics and Glass Faculty at the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, 2004. Studies at the Academia di Belle Arti in Milan, Italy, 2002–2003.

Since 2006 employed at E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design at the Glass Department.

She has designed glass for the Polish glass factories: KHS Krosno S.A., 2004–2006, the „Violetta” Crystal Glass Factory in Stronie Śląskie, 2006–2008, and the Villa Glass Studio in Krosno, 2004–2007.

She won 1st prize for her „Milano” design in the Polish Beautiful Glass Applied Design Competition, 2005. Won first prize at PRODECO 2007 in the category „Tableware”, 2007. Finalist in the Stanislav Libenský Award, 2009. Grant holder from the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, 2010.

She has participated in 11 solo exhibitions: Poland, Slovakia, France, the Czech Republic, and in about 40 group exhibitions in Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, France, Italy and Slovakia.

Works in museums and private collections, including: the Karkonosze Museum in Jelenia Góra, the Heritage Center in Krosno, the Schoen Palace Museum in Sosnowiec; Cannenburch Castle, Vaassen, The Netherlands; Glasmuseum Lette, Ernsting Stiftung Alter Hof Herding, Letter Berg, Germany.

Currently, apart from teaching, he implements short series of utility projects and creates unique glass objects.