Marian Fugiel

M. Fugiel, set, 2001, h 37 cm; h 59,5 cm; h 16 cm; h 49,8 cm; h 32 cm; collections: Krosno Glass S.A. ; photo S. Karalus
M. Fugiel, vases, 2001, h 27 cm; h 17 cm; set, 1971, h 31 cm; h 14 cm ; collections: Krosno Glass S.A. ; photo S. Karalus

Graduated from the State Secondary School of Visual Arts (now the Complex of Visual Arts Schools in Tarnów).
From 1962 until his retirement, employed at Krosno Glassworks (from 1990, Krosno Glassworks „Krosno” S.A.; from 2016, Krosno Glass S.A.).
Glass designer, manager of the Main Pattern Shop for many years, representative of the Management Board of Krosno Glassworks “Krosno” S.A. for the protection of intellectual property. He participated in the establishment of the Art Exhibition Office in Krosno and was the first chairman of the Krosno Branch of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers.
In addition to glass design, he also created interior designs (including chandeliers) and façade decoration. He patented a method of combining ceramics with cullet from the Krosno glassworks, which he used in the mosaics he made.
He has participated in exhibitions in Poland and abroad, organised by the “Minex” Head Office (Poznań, Montreal, Paris, New York, London, Munich).