Ryszard Serwicki

R. Serwicki, a set of vase and a dish, 1984, realisation: ISiC, collections of Łukasiewicz – Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials (Glass and Ceramics Centre), photo A. Podstawka, National Museum in Wrocław



Lived from 1949-2020. Diploma at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków – Katowice branch, 1973.

Designer at the “Ząbkowice” Glassworks in Dąbrowa Górnicza, 1973–1975, 1979–1985; designer at the “Vitropol” United Industrial Design Centre Household and Technical Glassworks in Sosnowiec, 1976–1985; designer at the Pieńsk Glassworks in Pieńsk, 1976–1977.

In 1983–1987, he collaborated with the Institute of Glass and Ceramics, Kraków branch, creating a number of artistic and utility projects.

From 1985 until his retirement in 2005, he was active as a pedagogue at the Tadeusz Kantor School of Fine Arts Complex in Dąbrowa Górnicza. He was engaged in utility and unique glass, painting, and graphic design.

Participant in many individual and collective exhibitions, domestic and foreign. Winner of the statutory award at the exhibition of the Katowice District of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, 1979.

His works can be found in the collections of the Schoen Palace Museum in Sosnowiec, the National Museum in Wrocław, and the Museum in Gliwice.