“Sudety” Crystal Glass Glassworks

The foundations of the “Sudety” glassworks were laid by the works founded in Batorowa in 1770.  In 1827, it was purchased by Leopold von Hochberg, whose actions led to the modernisation and further development of the plant.

“Sudety” initially specialised in household glass, preferring to produce uncomplicated designs, modest in shape and colour. In the late 1860s, the production of double-layer antico glass was mastered at the glassworks. After 1945, many artists cooperated with the glassworks, designing unique and serial glassware.

Until the 1990s, production was based on sodium and lead glass. At the end of its activity, the plant produced only crystal products – blown, manually and automatically pressed, with rich designs. The glassworks was closed down in 2014 and then dismantled.

Designers associated with the glassworks: Józef Górski, Ewa Greczuk-Moskaluk, Zbigniew Horbowy, Zygmunt Janota, Stefan Sadowski