In 1934, in Tarnów, at 251 Św. Trójcy St., Dr. Eng. Walter Heinrich opened a glassworks. In 1939, the plant employed 180 people. Utility glassware was produced: glasses, vases, but also crystal and heat-resistant vessels.

The outbreak of war in 1939 did not cause any major changes in the production range; only in 1941 was the glassworks forced to introduce production for military purposes – these were mainly pharmacy bottles.

The retreating German troops pillaged practically all the assets of the works, even steel elements were taken. Production restarted in 1946, initially under the name of the Dr. Eng. W. Heinrich State Glassworks, and later on:  State Glassworks, “Tarnów” Packaging Glassworks (or “Tarnów” Packaging Glass Factory). The main product was glass packaging, because there was a shortage of qualified glass working staff. 

In 1957, the production of the pre-war assortment of handmade utility glassware was resumed, including glasses, shot glasses and beer mugs.  The name of the works was changed to: “Tarnów” Household Glass Factory, then “Tarnów” Household Glassworks.

In the 1960s, the plant employed about 250 people. The increased production was associated with a need to expand. In 1966, a new production plant in Piaskówka was opened. 436 people started working there. The full capacity of the glassworks was reached in 1972 (1,033 employees). Hand-formed glassware was produced in a wide range of products, a large part of which was intended for export, including to the USA. In 1978, automatic production of glasses and shot glasses began.

In 1971, HSG “Tarnów” became part of the “Vitropol” Association of Household and Technical Glassworks in Sosnowiec; and in 2001 it became part of the Krosno Capital Group. In 2008 it was merged with KROSNO S.A. Krosno Glassworks.

The plant achieved its highest employment in 1980 – 1,500 employees, production: 5,662 tonnes of glass products.

“Tarnów” Glassworks was closed in 2012.

Designers associated with the glassworks: Józef Górski (1968–1986), Barbara Kaczmarek-Górska