Anna Grabowska-Szczur

A. Grabowska-Szczur, Mayya, 2003

Glass has fascinated me from the first moment. It captivated me with its enchanted warmth and light, that from a shapeless fiery mass it freezes into fragile matter, sometimes smooth and shiny, sometimes dull and rough.

Glass is the basis of Anna Grabowska-Szczur’s work. Treating commercial art as a free field of artistic expression, she readily uses means of expression characteristic of sculpture or painting.

Among the glass vessels she has designed, there are both traditional and ultra-modern forms – colourless, made of tinted glass in the mass, or decorated with a colourful application. There is no excessive extravagance in them – they are functional, “user-friendly”. Reaching for traditional shapes, she “transforms” them to meet the expectations of the contemporary audience, often surprising them with an original interpretation of a familiar vessel.

Dr Hanna Lawera ‒ art historian, curator

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie grabowska-2018.jpg
A. Grabowska-Szczur, 2018
A. Grabowska-Szczur, Open Feel, 2007
Athena, 2006.
A. Grabowska-Szczur, Athena, 2006
A. Grabowska-Szczur, Satori, 2005
Neto, 2004.
A. Grabowska-Szczur, Neti, 2004
A. Grabowska-Szczur, Aliot, 2005
Lete, 2003.
A. Grabowska-Szczur, Lete, 2004
A. Grabowska-Szczur, Vivace, 2001

Graduate of the State High School of Fine Arts in Bydgoszcz, 1982. Diploma from the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the State Higher School of Fine Arts (currently: W. Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts) in Łódź, 1987. In 1988, she started working as a designer at the Krosno Glass Works (since 1990 Krosno Glass Works KROSNO S.A.; since 2026 – Krosno Glass S.A.).

She has received numerous awards and distinctions for her designs; several of them obtained protection in the Polish Patent Office.

Her works have been exhibited at domestic and foreign exhibitions: Germany, France, USA, Israel, Austria, Italy, incl. at the Polish glass exhibition at Salone del Mobile, Milan 2019.

Apart from glass, she is also a typographer, graphic artist and painter.