“Barbara” Artistic Glassworks

It was founded in the mid-1950s, initiated by Jan Myczka. The glassworks originally belonged to the Polanica-Zdrój Spa and produced 0.33 l bottles for mineral water. On 1 April 1974, it was taken over by the “Sudety” Glassworks and after reconstruction, in December 1974 it started production as the “Barbara” Artistic Glassworks. From 1992, the works functioned as a private enterprise, mainly fulfilling orders from foreign customers. The “Barbara” Glassworks operated until 2018, when the plant was closed down.

Designers associated with the glassworks: Ludwik Ferenc, Zbigniew Horbowy, Kazimierz Krawczyk, Lucyna Pijaczewska and Czesław Zuber